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My Story

Born in the city of Kolkata, India I had the privilege of experiencing the culture and life in a typical south Asian family. I was a rebel right from the start. I was the first child in my family who fought to have what they called a "love marriage" instead of "arranged marriage". That was a big deal in my community. Then I became the first person in my family to have a divorce. Then I became the first person in my family who lives with a non-Indian man but is not married to him. All of this, one by one, made me very different from the norm.


While I haven't necessarily lived an extraordinary life, my story is one that many women can relate to. After working corporate for 12 years, I started my own childcare centres. You can find us at Now I am able to help other men and women start childcare centres through franchising. My podcasts are not about women or men being high achievers and CEOs but how most of us find sanity in our day to day lives and do what makes us grow and progress every day.


"You either find sanity amidst the chaos of life or let the chaos determine your destiny."

My Mission

I have a very simple mission in life - I want to make a difference in people's lives and make them feel they are not alone in their journey. Make them feel better about themselves, where they give themselves permission to make mistakes and learn and try it again. If they are able to take one idea or one tip and that makes a difference in how they feel about their day, their life and their parenting- I have achieved my mission. 

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